What you Need to Know Before you Purchase your First Bicycle


Over the past few years, cycling has become one of the most popular leisure sports in the United States. For some, it is an activity to boost their overall health and fitness. For others, it is a sense of freedom. Whatever is the case, taking up cycling will always be a beneficial decision for your personal and professional life.

If you are seriously considering taking up the sport, one of the things you are going to need to do is purchase your first bike. For many novice cyclists, this decision can be stressful and overwhelming. The reason why is that there are a multitude of factors that go for this particular purchase. To alleviate and demystify this process, begin with the simple common question: What are you trying to accomplish?

Like anything, having an overall end-goal will help identify the perfect bike for you. The reason why is that there are a variety of different bikes for a variety of different situations. Some of the most common bike types are the following: mountain bikes, roadster bikes, hybrids, city bikes, and commuter bikes. Understanding your cycling goals can help you identify not just the bike, but the terrain, distance, and usage your bike is going to endure when you ride it.

Once you have compiled that information, you will be able to find the perfect bike. Below, I have outlined the usage of some of the popular brands and styles. If you are stuck between the two, go back to your goals for cycling. If that doesn’t help, ask one of the employees at the bike shop. Many of them are incredibly knowledgeable and can help identify the perfect wheels for the future.

Mountain Bikes

You have probably had experience one of these when you were a child. These popular bikes a pretty straightforward in their usage. For those novice riders who are looking to explore off road, this is the perfect bike for you. One of the biggest differences that this bike has over the rest is the shock-absorbing suspension. This feature makes unpredictable trails seamless and enjoyable. In addition, the knobby tires and flat handlebars allow you to handle any terrain you wish.

Road Bikes

If you expect to spend a majority of your time on pavement, try looking at road bikes. Now there are variations of different road bikes that you can purchase. Be sure to understand your purpose for your bike. These road bikes are created to be light, smooth, and fast so that you can fly over the pavement.

Hybrid Road Bikes

Hybrids are modified to have thicker tires and a stronger upright riding position. This will allow you to ride easily on the city streets or dirt paths. In addition, the thicker tires provide the rider with a stronger sense of control for any turns or changes on your route.

Commuter Bikes

These bikes are sturdier and often features racks or fender mounts with its upright frame design. This bike is designed for low-maintenance terrain and favors flat pavement.

If you find that your commute is quick and easy, take a look at the smaller and more convenient option, the Folding Bike. These bikes are designed to fold into a compact form for convinced transportation and storage purposes. This convenient storing and packaging feature has become incredibly appeal and marketable to the modern day commuter.